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バーゼルワールド2017 グラスヒュッテ・オリジナル新作




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モリッツ グロスマン 2017バーゼル新作レポート

モリッツ グロスマンのバーゼル新作。
その第一弾として、アトゥム エナメルやアトゥムデイトなど、代表ラインのアトゥムの新作からの紹介。

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Patek Philippe 2017新作~実機レポート①

実機写真、まずはパテック フリップの”鳴り物”から。

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パテックフィリップ 2017新作速報



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Goog-by Edwin


サイト(Watch Media Online)の方に書くべきことでもなく思われたので、ここに記してます。
古参の時計サイトとして知られる”Time Zone”で、2003年11月以来、ランゲ&ゾーネ・フォーラムのモデレーターを務めてきた Edwin H. Heusinkveld 氏が、

「Bye Bye Friends」と題された、その最後の投稿です。

Dear Timezoners and Lange friends,

After what has proved to be a very turbulent year for me personally I have decided to step down as the Timezone A. Lange & Söhne moderator effective immediately.
Like I said, a lot has happened to me recently. Over the years I have changed and the industry and market have changed too, resulting in me feeling less connected and involved with the watch-scene in general and with Lange in specific. I often get the feeling it is more about making money today instead of passion.

When a very dear friend passed away on February 11, 2016, I felt like I lost both my anchor and my helm that keep me afloat on the WIS ocean. This feeling of being lost combined with a few personal watch-related issues made me wonder whether or not my name should still be on the Masthead of the Timezone A. Lange & Söhne forum.

I made a few MAJOR decisions recently and last week I realized I haven't posted a single word here since and I think keeping my position as a moderator wouldn't be fair to you as you deserve better!

Thank you all for making the Timezone A. Lange & Söhne forum what it is. Thanks for all these years of fun and friendship and thank you for all the knowledge shared with me; the TZ and the LOG community made me feel like being a member of a big happy family. Over the years I met some very nice people and made some wonderful friends for which I am grateful too.

Before I leave you I want to show you a picture of my friend, Jean Rinkens, sweeping the sidewalk in front of "my" AD (February 19, 2011). He was a category d'Or sales clerk worth mentioning here as he was very important to me. RIP my friend.

Regulars here are familiar with the expression "Never stand still ..." but allow me to add one caveat: make sure you are heading in the right direction!, but Jorge can help you plot your course. Good luck Jorge, you know where to reach me if you need help!

God bless you all,


最後のメッセージ、「make sure you are heading in the right direction」を胸に刻んで・・・。

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